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The terms and conditions that we list below apply only to the services of www.onlineastroguru.com. It is required of you to read and accept the terms and conditions clause before continuing to the site.


The association with or utilization of the Website whose URL is: http://www.onlineastroguru.com stays subject to the full and unequivocal acknowledgment of the User of these Terms of which he was capable, earlier, to peruse and regard. The acknowledgment of these Terms is far reaching and applies to all procurements in that introduced. The User is educated that these Terms of Website might be changed whenever and immediately or notice. The new form will be accessible upon change. It is along these lines encouraged to consistently counsel the most recent adaptation of the Terms of Use on the Website. Clients are additionally educated concerning the likelihood of progress in the url of this page, without earlier notice. .


The invalidity in entire or part of any procurement of these Terms under any law or direction or last court choice does not negate different procurements or part of the procurement not vitiated by this invalidity.


If there should be an occurrence of disappointment by a User of these Terms of the Website, the Company maintains all authority to deny access to its site. Accepting you are not in concurrence with all or part of the General Conditions set out underneath, you are emphatically exhorted not to utilize the Website.

Particular conditions may supplement these Terms of Use.

The Customer will be educated by means of the Web webpage before any exchange.

The organization offers an administration offering customized prophetic concentrates (hereinafter the "Items") available at the url: http://www.onlineastroguru.com and in related messages.

These studies are proposed in expressions of the human experience and recondite sciences, for example, crystal gazing, divination, horoscope, taro-logy numerology, the astromancy … and take the type of straightforward content or digital book issued paperless electronic stations, for example, messaging (email) or computerized download (electronic download). The site onlineastroguru.com offers no procurement of guidance or administration, yet just a study created with the help of a PC program.

The perusing request of writings and books offered by the site onlineastroguru.com is done any other way for every User, and as indicated by inclinations. The characters, spots, circumstances and occasions which are specified in the writings issued to Users might be invented and don't as a matter of course connection with individuals, spots, circumstances and occasions which exists or existed. Astro Guru, and every one of the characters required in the site substance and messages, are illustrative characters. As the photographs are pictures utilized for representation. The Company utilizes the brand and visual Astro Guru for the sole motivation behind advancing its substance covering Arts and Sciences divination.

The User enlistment on the Website suggests no commitment of procurement. The offer of a free perusing given by the Website infers no engagement. It is in this way for the User to choose for himself whether to pay to get to readings offered to him from that point. The writings sold to the client are conveyed by sending an email with a download join. Along these lines, the User recognizes and concurs that the Company maintains whatever authority is needed to change, erase, include or supplant, whenever, the substance showing up on this Web Site without right to any law or repayment of any nature at all.

The Company embraces no commitment to ensure the event of the occasions specified in the site or said in messages sent to individuals and guests. The writings gave by the site http://onlineastroguru.com, and content connected with it cannot be dealt with as counsel given by perceived and directed callings, for example, legitimate exhortation, therapeutic or mental. They have exclusively a recreational, diversion or social objective. .

The Company gives no guarantees of any sort, express or suggested, and this incorporates without impediment, proclamations concerning the outcomes to be gotten using the Services advertised.

The Company does not warrant that the administrations will meet with the desires of the Client that the Services will be continuous, opportune, secure or error free.

In the event that the User experiences a sickness, mental insecurity or experience uncommon issues (counting legitimate), he should counsel the experts at the most punctual open door for data proper to his case. For the Company to give a customized and effective support of the Customer, it certainly consents to give precise and complete data.

If the User suffers from an illness, mental instability or encounter special problems (including legal), he must consult the professionals at the earliest opportunity for information appropriate to his case. For the Company to give a personalized and efficient service to the Customer, it implicitly agrees to provide accurate and complete information.

Utilization of this Website is just for individuals that have lawful larger part in their nation of living arrangement, and the legitimate ability to contract and utilize a site. The User is required to guarantee the veracity and exactness of the data it gives. Access to the substance of this website is liable to the identification of an Internet association, immediate or roundabout. The telephone costs concerning the association with the Internet and webpage remain the sole obligation of the User.

Prior to any buy of items, the User ought to continue to its engraving on the Website. The enrollment procedure happens as per the terms and conditions set out beneath.

Acknowledgment of Terms The easygoing guest will turn into the Client in the wake of tolerating these terms by tapping on the submit catch accommodated that reason and in the wake of giving his points of interest.

Procurement of individual information The User is gotten some information about himself (name, email address etc.).

The data that the customer imparts on the Website permits to process and deliver is items. These will be utilized just as a major aspect of the visionary study and not sold to outsider organizations.

Requested messages, free or paid, are directed through electronic channels, for example, messages or documents to download.

The Company is not in charge of blockages that could bring about troubles in the conveyance of textes, for example, spam channels and infection channels.

The User must verify the settings of his computer and add the sender address to his list of accepted contacts.

acknowledges receipt of the order of Products by sending an email to Customer summarizing key information relating to that order.

Installment is with charge card, platinum card, money or bank exchange. Online installment is done through secure saving money channels.

In the event that the Visa of the User is denied, the Company maintains all authority to resubmit it inside a specific time and as regularly as the laws and guidelines permit.

The Company maintains whatever authority is needed to include, erase, suspend, incidentally or forever supplant the installment frameworks keeping in mind the end goal to streamline the nature of administration without notification.

The Company maintains whatever authority is needed to change costs of its offers without notification to User.

The cost paid for every thing is clear to the User in the business reports. This cost is obviously expressed on the website page where he set up his buy. The cost is cited in dollars. Costs indicated are net expansion to the customer. There are no delivery costs.

The writings are open just through requested installment by the User and the installment is accepted by the Company. With respect to via mail, the treatment can take a few days and deferring conveyance. The User, in the wake of rounding out his structure, will be offered a few methods of secure online installment.

For all inquiries identifying with the installment, the User may contact the organization in charge of secure installment:

Clients are educated that the substance is given as seems to be. The Company acknowledges no obligation after some time, looking after access, or eradicating the substance requested.

The Company acknowledges no risk for inability to spare the request or the User's record.

The User is exclusively in charge of any harm brought on to his PC or information it contains and which result from getting to, downloading or sparing of substance offered by the Company.

The Company disavows any obligation regarding issues that may emerge amid secure exchanges. That obligation lies with various offices giving these administrations.

The Company may hold individual information of the User who has dispatched in a request structure on the site or a page which is appended, whether for a free or paid item.

Protection Policy - Charter identifying with security
The User is gotten some information about himself (name, email address etc..).The data that the customer conveys on the Website permits to prepare and give orders. Clients may just protest the preparing of individual information for true blue reasons.

The Customer may practice its rights by sending a letter or email expressing his name, location and email to

Address: Plot No 2, Rao Matadin Yadav Building, Old Delhi Gurgaon Road, Kapas Hera Extension, Kapashera, New Delhi- 110037
Email: info@onlineastroguru.com

The Company embraces to actualize all sensible specialized answers for permit perpetual access to the webpage and to the writings and representations identified with it, subject to vital upkeep work, own Internet Network breakdowns or malignant acts outside its ability to control. Access to the administration is done from a PC associated with an information transfers system permitting access to the Site as indicated by the correspondence conventions utilized on the Internet system. The Company might not be obligated for any intrusion of administrations of the site because of conceivable breakdowns and support operations important for their successful working, User conduct and all the more by and large as an aftereffect of any occasion out of hand.

Appropriately, the Company renounces any obligation regarding any powerlessness to get to its Web webpage or pages of content and outlines identified with it.

The Company can not ensure that the site is free of PC infections or peculiarities outside its ability to control.

Similarly, the Company shall not be held responsible for any inability of a User to use the features of the site or have access to astromary.com. `

The Company shall not be held responsible for any consequences resulting from any virus, bugs, technical failures, or any damage to equipment, in any form whatsoever, during and / or when using the features present on the Website.

The Company renounces any risk for any rupture of its authoritative commitments in case of real episodes or unexpected circumstances, including yet not constrained to, war, catastrophes, fires, strikes inside or outer or interior shortcoming or outside disappointments, and by and large any occasion keeping the best possible execution of requests.

As indicated by case law on social property, the User is educated that the privilege of withdrawal might be practiced just when the downloading of the substance of his digital book has not began. In all different cases, the User can summon any privilege of withdrawal.

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